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Summer Camp 2014 Registration still available!

Mandarin Ink is pleased to launch its Mandarin Days Summer Camp 2014!  Mandarin Days provides campers with varying degrees of Chinese proficiency an opportunity to enhance their current level of functioning.  Thematically designed two-week blocks assure campers opportunity to listen, speak, read and write Chinese.

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Cafe Mandarin

新年快樂!  Just in time for the Lunar New Year! Mandarin Ink is pleased to announce new adult Mandarin classes. We offer small group lessons as well as individualized lessons. Please call us for times and rates. We look forward to working with you in the Year of the Horse.

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Our Story

How it all started

Mandarin Ink is a tale of a few parents and an aunt who came together one day sharing childhood memories of how they learned their Chinese.

Club Mandarin

If you are looking for a naturalistic way to introduce or expand on your child's Mandarin skills, take a look at our Programs. Based on an experiential learning model, Club Mandarin creates an environment for language and cultural immersion.

Learn Mandarin

Classes for all ages - All year round

Mandarin on Mott, Little Linguists, Club Mandarin, Cafe Mandarin, Mandarin Social - one of our programs is right for you! Check them out. 



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